Mascara is one of the most popular means of decorative cosmetics and can give special expressiveness eyes, emphasize their shape and make the face more attractive.

Two companies stood at the origins of its creation – Maybelline and Max Factor. They created the first dry mascara (before consumption need to add a drop of water). To date, there are several dozen manufacturers of mascara and hundreds of brands.

What you need to know about the mascara in order to correctly choose it?

First – it is its composition. Usually the main components of mascara are water, soap, carbon, a finely divided color pigment, mastic, waxes, fats, resins, nutritious additives and preservatives.
But mascaras differ by adding additional materials that allow in one case to improve the state of the eyelashes, in the other promote their growth, increase the length and volume, as well as protect the lashes from the adverse effects of external factors (wind, dry air, cold, heat and so on.).

The composition of the mascara.

Keratin is used to strengthen the lashes, as it is a natural protein that when applied covers each cilium with a thin film.
Melanin, protects from external influences, has a beneficial effect on the eyelashes.
Ultra violet blockers protect lashes from sunlight.
Lanolin helps prevent dryness and brittleness of eyelashes.
Castor oil has anti-inflammatory effects, as well as nourishes the roots of eyelashes, strengthens and stimulates their growth.
Panthenol increases the thickness of each of the cilia and improves their overall condition.

The proteins (are usually used proteins of wheat germ) promote the active growth of eyelashes.
Vitamins (A, E, F and pro vitamin B5) nourish, strengthen, moisturize lashes and stimulate their growth, giving elasticity and silkiness.
Preservatives – a mandatory component of any mascara for the prevention of emergence and proliferation of microorganisms (as a preservative is commonly used glycerin, low dose of benzalkonium chloride and thimerosal).