Masks for the skin around the eyes.

Various types of cosmetic masks are widely used in practice. Masks can be an independent procedure or used after a steam bath, a hot compress. Masks are divided into degreasing, disinfecting, astringent, nutritious, bleaching, exfoliating, absorbing. The effect of masks depends on their composition. Masks can include fats of both vegetable and animal origin, flour – oatmeal, wheat, potato, raw egg white or yolk, juices of medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables and other components.

Not all the masks that you use are suitable for the skin of the eyelids, as it is very tender and sensitive. Do not apply the mask directly to the skin. A mask on the skin around the eyes is applied through gauze. Hold the mask for 15-20 minutes, then wash off with warm or cool water, but the best decoction from vegetable infusions (chamomile, parsley, lime blossom, flower petals, etc.). Then you can get wet the skin with a napkin or leave to dry naturally.

Masks are usually applied by courses two or three times a week. The composition of the masks should be immaculately fresh, so they should be prepared immediately before the procedure. Regular use of masks activates blood circulation in the skin, increases its elasticity, has a therapeutic effect. It is believed that masks, as well as creams and lotions, must be changed from time to time, to avoid habituation that will reduce their effectiveness.

Long-lasting reddening and peeling of the eyelids and indicate their disease, followed by the loss of eyelashes. In this case, are good gel masks that additionally moisturize the skin. They strengthen cells that have lost the ability to regenerate, and stimulate the production of collagen. In addition, a cold gel mask will give the eyelids a feeling of freshness. Just do not put the gel in the freezer. This mask is effective even with swelling of the eyelids, which decreases within ten minutes.