Masks for the skin around the eyes.

Various types of cosmetic masks are widely used in practice. Masks can be an independent procedure or used after a steam bath, a hot compress. Masks are divided into degreasing, disinfecting, astringent, nutritious, bleaching, exfoliating, absorbing. The effect of masks depends on their composition. Masks can include fats of both vegetable and animal origin, flour – oatmeal, wheat, potato, raw egg white or yolk, juices of medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables and other components.

Not all the masks that you use are suitable for the skin of the eyelids, as it is very tender and sensitive. Do not apply the mask directly to the skin. A mask on the skin around the eyes is applied through gauze. Hold the mask for 15-20 minutes, then wash off with warm or cool water, but the best decoction from vegetable infusions (chamomile, parsley, lime blossom, flower petals, etc.). Then you can get wet the skin with a napkin or leave to dry naturally.

Masks are usually applied by courses two or three times a week. The composition of the masks should be immaculately fresh, so they should be prepared immediately before the procedure. Regular use of masks activates blood circulation in the skin, increases its elasticity, has a therapeutic effect. It is believed that masks, as well as creams and lotions, must be changed from time to time, to avoid habituation that will reduce their effectiveness.

Long-lasting reddening and peeling of the eyelids and indicate their disease, followed by the loss of eyelashes. In this case, are good gel masks that additionally moisturize the skin. They strengthen cells that have lost the ability to regenerate, and stimulate the production of collagen. In addition, a cold gel mask will give the eyelids a feeling of freshness. Just do not put the gel in the freezer. This mask is effective even with swelling of the eyelids, which decreases within ten minutes.


Mascara is one of the most popular means of decorative cosmetics and can give special expressiveness eyes, emphasize their shape and make the face more attractive.

Two companies stood at the origins of its creation – Maybelline and Max Factor. They created the first dry mascara (before consumption need to add a drop of water). To date, there are several dozen manufacturers of mascara and hundreds of brands.

What you need to know about the mascara in order to correctly choose it?

First – it is its composition. Usually the main components of mascara are water, soap, carbon, a finely divided color pigment, mastic, waxes, fats, resins, nutritious additives and preservatives.
But mascaras differ by adding additional materials that allow in one case to improve the state of the eyelashes, in the other promote their growth, increase the length and volume, as well as protect the lashes from the adverse effects of external factors (wind, dry air, cold, heat and so on.).

The composition of the mascara.

Keratin is used to strengthen the lashes, as it is a natural protein that when applied covers each cilium with a thin film.
Melanin, protects from external influences, has a beneficial effect on the eyelashes.
Ultra violet blockers protect lashes from sunlight.
Lanolin helps prevent dryness and brittleness of eyelashes.
Castor oil has anti-inflammatory effects, as well as nourishes the roots of eyelashes, strengthens and stimulates their growth.
Panthenol increases the thickness of each of the cilia and improves their overall condition.

The proteins (are usually used proteins of wheat germ) promote the active growth of eyelashes.
Vitamins (A, E, F and pro vitamin B5) nourish, strengthen, moisturize lashes and stimulate their growth, giving elasticity and silkiness.
Preservatives – a mandatory component of any mascara for the prevention of emergence and proliferation of microorganisms (as a preservative is commonly used glycerin, low dose of benzalkonium chloride and thimerosal).

The role of cosmetics in our life.

What the role cosmetics plays in our life? Undoubtedly, it was created in order to make us more fresh and beautiful, young and confident. If in the past century, cosmetics were only available for the rich and wealthy people, today everyone can come to the store and buy cosmetics and cosmetic tools without problems.

Production of cosmetics and perfumery reached unprecedented heights. You can select the eye shadow in totally different colors, pick up mascara for short or long eyelashes. The variety of choice allows you to pick up the most accurate cosmetics for your skin type and look. Regarding the perfumes, there are also observed changes. If you are melancholic and romantic nature, then for you will approach the air and light flavors, and if you are passionate and confident person – the sweet and fruity flavors. The perfumers around the world create the flavors that are suitable for both women and men. Despite the fact that people visit the online shop of perfumes and cosmetics in search of the rare products, shopping malls are no less popular.

When choosing a perfume you should think about your individuality, because the flavors have a direct impact on human behavior. Do not neglect the rules of etiquette and applying scents, especially if you are going to work or in a public place. Undoubtedly, to buy perfumes online – a risk. Modern Internet shop of perfumery and cosmetics must comply with all requirements and offer guarantees or certificates.